Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart is C’s top priority

When Danny Ainge spoke to the media, he made sure to let Marcus Smart know that he is wanted by the Boston Celtics.

Until he signs somewhere, Marcus Smart will dominate the headlines in Boston. He was the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics. Not because he is an amazing scorer, but because of his defense and determination.

Now Smart’s free agency has been a rollercoaster so far. There have been rumors of him being disgruntled and upset with the Celtics, but we also have seen him smiling and joking around with Danny Ainge at summer league games.

So when Ainge had the opportunity to show Smart that the Celtics care about him, he took advantage.

“Our priority remains the same,” Ainge said. “Our priority is still Marcus [Smart] in free agency, and that’s where we are.”

I think Smart will enjoy hearing that.

Smart is a ball of energy. He is a supreme defensive talent and instantly brings intensity to the Celtics game.

The only issue with Smart’s game is that he is practically non-existent on offense. He takes some horrible shots and can be a non-factor. Defenses barely need to cover him.

Smart was looking to make around $15 million a year. This free agency hasn’t been too kind to him, and I don’t expect any team to come close to that number.

Smart is a valuable member of the Celtics, but he has no leverage. The Celtics already extended the qualifying offer, they are in the driver’s seat.

The best thing for Smart would be to stay in Boston. He has a defined role that suits his style of play, and with the Celtics having a chance to get a ring, it seems like the perfect situation for Smart.

Free agency will show the true Marcus Smart. Is he more concerned with getting paid or having a chance to win a championship? Only time will tell.