Boston Celtics: Shane Larkin has high expectations for Jayson Tatum

After a great rookie season for the Boston Celtics, expectations will be high for Jayson Tatum this year.

Jayson Tatum had a great start to his career. He was a major part of the Boston Celtics offense, and run in the playoffs. Still, it seems like the 20-year-old is just getting started.

In his rookie year, Tatum averaged 13.9 points and 5 rebounds a game. Tatum is such a great threat with the ball in his hands. He has great handles and can drive to the rim with ease.

Also Tatum is a great shooter. He had a 47.5 field goal percentage and was one of the best rookie shooters in the NBA.

Now fans may have astronomical expectations for Tatum, but it appears that his teammates are expecting a lot from Tatum too. Shane Larkin thinks that Tatum could dominate the NBA.

“His potential is unlimited,” Larkin told Adam Himmelsbach. “He’s 6-foot-10 (Tatum is actually listed at 6-foot-8), he’s got the ball on a string, he can shoot it with anybody. Defensively, he’s very smart. He’s always in the right place, and he’s still going to continue to get better and grow and get smarter. And I think with the skill set he already has, he can easily be one of the top five players in the league if he continues to work and lock in and really devote himself to the game.”

Not so bold prediction

This honestly isn’t such a hot take. In Tatum’s first season he proved that he can take over games. As he enters the prime of his career he could become one of the best players in the league.

Tatum almost was the Rookie of the Year and will be on an improved Celtics team. With Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward returning, the C’s will have a full arsenal of scorers. Even though this may mean fewer shots for Tatum he should have more open opportunities. Teams will have to prioritize covering Hayward, and Irving. Since the top defenders will be covering these guys, Tatum can take advantage.

Even if we are just looking at just Tatum, I expect him to improve. He found out what works in his rookie year, so he should be more calculated this season. I think we can see Tatum averaging close to 20 points a game this season.

Jayson Tatum is still sitting at the launching pad, but soon he will become an out of this world player. Boston Celtics fans better be ready for the Tatum takeover.