Boston Celtics Pride: It’s ‘full speed’ ahead for Gordon Hayward

Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward is “closing in on full strength” in his journey back to NBA stardom.

Things are getting very real and exciting for Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward.

After playing just a few minutes in the 2017-18 season after suffering a gruesome lower leg injury, Hayward is physically on his way back and Celtics fans should be ecstatic.

According to Hayward’s website, the All-Star forward is “closing in on full strength” and plans to be at “full speed” once 5-on-5 drills begin in August.  Although he still has some work to do, the fact that Hayward is making strides physically and looking close to the player he was prior to the injury can only mean exciting things for the upcoming 2018-19 NBA season.

As the post highlights, Hayward has stayed positive throughout his rehab and the “excitement and hunger” he has for the game is as intense as ever.  While fans never got to see No. 20 play basketball at TD Garden during the regular season, it looks like the star forward will be gracing the parquet floor in hopes of helping his team win a championship.

Primed and ready

While the physical aspect of his recovery is progressing nicely, Gordon Hayward will also have to get back to strength mentally.  With the type of injury he endured, it would only be human nature if he was hesitant at first.  That is something he will deal with once back on the court.

As of late July, Hayward says he is ready.

“I’ll be ready to go for sure,” Hayward said, via his website.  “Since I’ve had my second surgery, I’ve been feeling a lot better.  My ankle has reacted a lot better to different drills, strength movements and different things I’ve done on it, so the next step is go live and play against other people.  Instead of just doing rehearse drills, I’m doing reactive drills.  It’s doing a lot better.”

You better believe Boston Celtics fans, teammates as well as coaches will be watching to see how Hayward does in drills.  If everything plays out as anticipated, a team that was within a quarter of advancing to the NBA Finals will be adding a player that will make them that much better.

With Kyrie Irving also expected to be ready for the season, the mix of young rising stars and veteran stars will make the Celtics the top team in the Eastern Conference.

Yes, Kawhi Leonard now anchors the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers will continue to be a team on the rise, but adding Hayward and Irving to a team that took the greatest player in the world to seven games, only adds excitement throughout the Celtics organization.

It starts with Gordon Hayward himself.

“I feel like we’re in like a time warp to about a year ago,” Hayward said.  “The team went back to the Eastern Conference Finals.  I’m joining the team.  I get a chance to play with Kyrie [Irving] and the young talent.  I’m still just as excited.”

As horrible as his injury was, it did allow for players like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier to gain valuable experience during the season and the playoffs.

Now we get to see how Gordon Hayward compliments this young Boston Celtics core of talent.