Boston Celtics: Team set for Christmas Day showdown with 76ers

The NBA Christmas Day slate was leaked on Tuesday, and it looks like the Boston Celtics will be facing a familiar foe.

A little bit of Christmas magic arrived for some NBA and Boston Celtics fans Tuesday. After a few weeks of nothing noteworthy going on, the Christmas Day games for the upcoming year were released.

On Wednesday, the NBA will also give out matchups for the first week of the season and Martin Luther King Day.

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to go through each game and predict every outcome, before anyone has laced up for the first day of training camp.

I get it, August is the most boring month of the year for NBA fans. At least in September you can find out who got fat over the summer. I just can’t force myself to care about who the Boston Celtics are playing on Christmas. When the schedule is released, it doesn’t matter yet who Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum will dominate on the first Wednesday of February or the third week of June.

If you ask me, the NBA should just take Christmas Day off. Sure, it’s a great marketing strategy. ESPN can put the little snowflakes on the scoreboard in the corner of the screen. Don’t you just love the sound of those bells as the game goes to commercial? And who could forget Hubie Brown wishing us Merry Christmas for the 60th year in a row?

Those things are great, Christmas traditions even, but it would be a nice day off for all the players and everyone involved in covering the team, the front office, everyone who works at the stadium, etc.

Go ahead and call me a Scrooge, it doesn’t even count until December.

Ho ho ho

So as I was saying, the Celtics will be facing the 76ers on Christmas this year. For Boston, it will mark their 3rd straight year playing on the holiday. After a loss to the Wizards last season, they will be looking to bounce back against one of the only other teams that matter in the Eastern Conference.

As far as I can tell, the time and venue of the game was not released yet. Hopefully, the game is in Boston so we don’t have any confetti mishaps.

As everyone knows. the last time these two teams met, the Celtics completely obliterated the 76ers in the playoffs, winning the series 4-1.

Anyway, it should be quite a game. By my algorithm, Kyrie Irving will score 36 points in a 118-112 Boston Celtics win. Joel Embiid will have 25 points and 19 rebounds, but it will not be enough. The win will push the Celtics to a record of 29-8, while the 76ers will fall to 24-12.

Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year.