New England Patriots: Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have a beautiful bromance

In the last 24 hours we have learned a lot about the relationship between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. The pillars of the New England Patriots franchise want to be teammates for their entire career’s.

The New England Patriots offense is built on the shoulders of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. If these guys are struggling there is a good chance the Patriots walk away with a loss.

If you watched the Patriots in Week 3 you saw how true that statement is.

Now we have all known that Brady and Gronk love playing with one another. They seem to have great chemistry and have found lots of success.

Brady and Gronk have been one of the most dangerous duos in the entire NFL. But it seems like fans might not have realized how much they like playing with each other.

The two players are willing to go to bat for each other. Even if that means ending their career’s.

After the game, Rob Gronkowski addressed the rumors that the Patriots nearly traded him to the Detroit Lions. In a shocking move, Gronkowski was up front and told reporters that the rumors were true.

So the Patriots aren’t going to get rid of Gronkowski. Gronk is going to get rid of the Patriots. Things only got more interesting when Brady spoke to Kirk and Callahan from WEEI on Monday morning. Brady essentially echoed Gronk’s sentiment.

I don’t think Patriots fans understood how much these two like playing for each other. It’s a rather bold move to retire instead of playing with a different team. Poor Julian Edelman is now wondering if Brady feels the same way about him.

It appears that Brady and Gronk’s bromance is still in the honeymoon phase and they will be inseparable until the day one of them decides to retire. When that happens the Patriots offense will lose their top two players, and I won’t be so confident about the team’s chances to make the playoffs.

So let’s just appreciate watching the two greatest players at their position dominate opposing defenses.