New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski is committed to New England

When the New England Patriots were close to trading away Rob Gronkowski he made it clear that he wants to spend his career in New England.

The smoke has cleared. The rumor has been confirmed. The New England Patriots were close to trading away the greatest tight end in NFL history, and he said no thank you.

According to Ian Rapaport, Rob Gronkowski told the team that if he was traded he would retire, and that he only wants to play in New England.

As a fan of the New England Patriots, you should be ecstatic. Now even though Bill Belichick indeed wanted to trade away Gronkowski, I don’t think there is any bad blood. The main point about this is that Gronkowski wants to be a Patriot.

Everyone tries to make it seem like it is horrible to be a New England Patriot. Rob Gronkowski is the funniest player in the NFL. The two seem to work like oil and water. I think this is just another blow to those who think being a New England Patriot is the worst (looking at you Lane Johnson).

Rob Gronkowski is still balling

It looks like Gronkowski isn’t declining in ability anytime soon. He had an amazing start to the 2018 season dominating the Houston Texans secondary.

Gronkowski had 7 catches for 123 yards and a touchdown. The Gronk Spike is back and better than ever and it seems like no one can cover the tight end.

If Gronk can continue to perform like this he could have the best season of his career. He will get plenty of targets in the 3 games remaining in Julian Edelman’s suspension and I expect plenty of spikes in the end zone.

So Rob Gronkowski isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and after an amazing week 1 performance, I am very happy to hear that.