Boston Celtics rumors: Kyrie Irving starting to annoy fans

Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

It seems like Kyrie Irving can’t make up his mind and isn’t sure that he will be re-signing with the Boston Celtics in the offseason.

Well, here we are again. Ever since Kyrie Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics fans wondered if the team would be able to keep him for the future.

Irving’s future in Boston has never been more up in the air. We thought everything was all set.

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Kyrie Irving spoke at a season ticket holder event and talked about how he wants to re-sign in Boston. The TD Garden erupted as fans knew that they were set for a long period of success.

It seemed like Irving was about to get the keys to the Celtics kingdom. He had the chance to become a Boston Celtics legend.

Now that statement doesn’t even matter. Irving has done a complete 180 on that statement.

Kyrie spoke to the media and it will have you feeling like you are on a roller coaster.

Now, this may seem harmless. Irving did say that the Celtics were leading the race, but why does there have to be a race at all. The man himself said that he was re-signing in Boston.

These aren’t even the most dangerous quotes. According to Kyrie, he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

I love Kyrie Irving. He is an amazing basketball player and one interesting human being. When he is on the court he can just take over a game.

Irving has been playing great this season. He is averaging 23.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 6.9 assists a game. The most impressive thing doesn’t even show up on the stat sheet. Irving has truly become a quality defender

If you know Kyrie you shouldn’t be that surprised by his comments. The dude loves chaos. He even entertained the thought that the world was flat just to prove a point.

Celtics fans wished that Kyrie could have simply confirmed that he wanted to stay in Boston, but he did quite the opposite.

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So now we once again have to wait. That seems to be the theme of this offseason. But if I had to guess I think Kyrie Irving will be a member of the Boston Celtics next season.