Boston Celtics Rumors: Jayson Tatum over Anthony Davis all day

Boston Celtics Jayson Tatum (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics Jayson Tatum (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Ultimately, the goal for the Boston Celtics is to have Anthony Davis and Jayson Tatum as part of a formidable big three in Boston, but they may have to settle for one.

Listen, there is no doubt Anthony Davis is an elite superstar in the NBA right now. But, is he worth the Boston Celtics potentially destroying their future for?

There is a big-time risk Celtics president of basketball operations will be making either way if he does blow away the New Orleans Pelicans this offseason with an offer they can’t refuse.  With that offer potentially including Jayson Tatum, he could be mortgaging the team’s future for a one-year rental.

Yes, we all heard Davis tell the world on NBA All-Star Weekend that the Boston Celtics are on his list.  He also mentioned all 29 teams, which can’t make fans of the green feel special.  Get him here and he will want to stay is turning into the motto.  But the key is, he has to want to stay.

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Ultimately, only Anthony Davis knows what is truly in his heart, but the consensus is the Boston Celtics are not on his list of long-term destinations right now.  Here is what NBA Insider Shams Charania had to say about the situation, as transcribed by Masslive:

"“There are a couple other teams right now undisclosed that he would also consider.  The Celtics, I’m told, are still not a long-term destination for him of preference in his mind.  Where the Celtics stand has not changed despite what Anthony Davis said over the weekend.  Sources told me the Celtics are not in it as far as the long-term play, but listen, it’s going to depend exactly on where the Pelicans want to trade him.”"

It does depend on the New Orleans Pelicans and they will absolutely want a talent like Jayson Tatum.  The only way Ainge would be able to pull off a deal for Davis and keep Tatum would be if somehow that Sacramento Kings pick turned into a Top 3 lottery pick.

For that to happen, the Kings would have to fall out of the playoffs and then depend on the luck of the lottery.  It really does look like it’s a choice between Anthony Davis and Jayson Tatum.  If Ainge pulls off having both playing in a Boston Celtics uniform next season, it would absolutely cement him as the GOAT when it comes to GMs.

Unless that happens, keeping Jayson Tatum outweighs trying to romance Anthony Davis to stay beyond one year.

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Tatum simply wants to be here

Set aside the complete angst Celtics fans would have in the Summer of 2020 waiting for an Anthony Davis decision on where he will sign, Jayson Tatum has the upside to be a better all-around player than Davis.

In a league where the dominate big man has basically become extinct, having a player like Tatum to build the team around is much more intriguing.  Yes, Tatum is still growing as a player, but Davis was in that position a few years ago.  Tatum has also gone future in the playoffs than Davis and actually performed at a high level as a rookie.

Jayson Tatum simply has the IT factor and Celtics fans should want to see his star rise in Boston than rise somewhere else, especially if an Anthony Davis deal leaves the Boston Celtics empty handed come 2020.

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Besides talent and potential, the main reason to choose Tatum over obtaining Davis is that the Celtics young star wants to be in Boston.  Here is what he said All-Star Weekend:

"“I love being on the Celtics.  I want to play there my whole career.”"

In other words, keep the star you already have instead of luring a star who has desires to be somewhere else.  While Danny Ainge is no dummy, he has to go with his gut when it comes to a deal that could make or break the team’s immediate future.