Boston Bruins 2018-19 season grades: Brad Marchand can’t rid Stanley Cup woes

Brad Marchand may have had an amazing regular season, but he disappeared when the Boston Bruins needed him most.

There was no doubt that this was the best season of Brad Marchand‘s career yet there is still a sour taste in Boston Bruins fans mouths.

Marchand was a scoring machine this season but what was impressive was his ability to share the puck. Marchy had a career high 64 assists during the 2018-19 season. This was the first 100 point season of his career and it was well deserved.

Arguably the more impressive feat for Marchand was that he didn’t get suspended. Marchand is one of the best agitator’s in the NHL. No matter what he will find a way to get under an opponent’s skin.

The problem is that sometimes Marchand will go over the line whether it be spearing a player in the groin, delivering a dirty hit, or doing some sort of deed that lands him in the penalty box.

The playoffs were a different story for Brad Marchand. At times he was invisible on the ice and he made some key errors in the Stanley Cup Finals. This will be a loss that sticks with him for a while.

Brad Marchand’s 2018-19 season grade:


LW, Boston Bruins


Marchand’s spectacular regular season can’t be overlooked. He is just the 10th Bruin to reach 100 points in a season and the first since Joe Thornton in the 2002-03 season.

With that in mind if we were grading Marchand’s postseason it would be closer to a failing grade. Once again when it mattered most Brad Marchand withered.

He may have improved from his 0 point output in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, but you could blame the Bruins Game 7 loss on Marchand’s terrible change that led to a goal late in the 1st period.

If Brad Marchand never wins a Stanley Cup as a member of the top line it will be a major stain on his resume. Hopefully he will be able to correct his prior mistakes and lift the cup soon enough.