New England Patriots: Super Bowl means nothing to Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson is now a Chicago Bear and apparently his time with the New England Patriots meant nothing to the wide receiver.

The New England Patriots utilized Cordarrelle Patterson in as many ways as they could last season and with the team’s success Patterson was able to get his first Super Bowl ring.

But the Patriots didn’t re-sign Patterson and the wide receiver is now a member of the Chicago Bears. He got quite the payday too signing a 2 year, $10 million contract.

Now one would think that Patterson would be grateful for his time in New England and be glad that he was able to reach something that players spend their entire career waiting for.

Well that doesn’t appear to be the case for Patterson. The wide receiver treated the Super Bowl victory like it was your average regular season win.

“Honestly, that Super Bowl don’t mean [expletive] to me, because I’m in a new world right now, I’m on a new team, so it’s a new opportunity for me to bring my legacy and live on to another team. So whatever happened last year in the past, that’s in the past. I’m trying to just move forward.”

Now this is quite possibly the stupidest comment I have ever heard. Why do you even play football if you don’t care about winning the Super Bowl?

This is just a bad look for Patterson. He didn’t have a major impact with the Patriots. He was so bad at wide receiver that Bill Belichick decided to see what he could do at running back. I don’t know how he got a $10 million deal.

Patterson is still young so maybe he will get back to the Super Bowl, but a lot of guys in the NFL will go there entire careers and not even play in a single Super Bowl. Patterson is basically slapping all those guys right across the face.

I wish Patterson all the best in his career, but I wouldn’t expect much from him. His only asset is his speed and seeing that this is the NFL, not the AFL it’s hard for Patterson to gain separation from even mediocre cornerbacks.

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If Cordarrelle Patterson doesn’t care about the Super Bowl he might as well send me his Super Bowl ring. At least then it would be appreciated. It’s a shame he doesn’t realize how special the achievement is.



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