Boston Celtics getting head start at Team USA camp

The Boston Celtics have taken over Team USA’s camp in Las Vegas and it is already proving to be a valuable trip.

Team USA is basically Team Celtics at this point. From sheer numbers alone as well as highlights the Boston Celtics have been the star of the show.

Currently, there are 4 members of the team at the Team USA camp and they seem to be Boston’s core 4 for the future. Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown are all in Las Vegas working with the country’s best players.

The fact that such a large contingent of Celtics are on the team gives the team a head start in what will look to be a season of redemption.

Last season was atrocious for the C’s. A team that was expected to make the NBA Finals got booted out of the playoffs early.

Boston had a lot of problems, but a major one was Kyrie Irving. Irving just didn’t fit in with the team.

Besides working together on the court, it looks like the members of the Boston Celtics are getting to know each other off of the court.

Chemistry was a major reason for the Celtics struggle’s last season. Kyrie would consistently call out younger players and Jaylen Brown was the only player that would stick up for the group. It looks like the young guys are getting to know Kemba and they are happy to have him on the team.

I think the Celtics may surprise some people this season. They did lose an amazing point guard in Kyrie Irving, but I think the team may have improved. Boston could possibly finish with an even better record than they did last season.

If the Boston Celtics manage to be successful this season part of the reason will be because of the experience and reps Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and Marcus Smart got at the camp.