Boston Red Sox: Looking back at Chris Sale trade

Boston Red Sox Chris Sale. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Boston Red Sox Chris Sale. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The Chris Sale trade to the Boston Red Sox was ranked as one of the top trades of the decade, but did it really work out well?

There is no doubt that Chris Sale has done some great things for the Boston Red Sox. He did help bring a World Series to Boston. But I don’t know if the deal was so great. ranked the top trades of the decade and the move that brought Chris Sale to Boston was near the top of the list. They ranked Sale’s move as the 2nd best trade of the decade.

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Now he definitely has some great skill. When he is at his best Sale can not be beaten.

But I think those days are long gone and that is partly why I disagree with the ranking.

The performance we saw last season from Sale doesn’t seem like an anomaly. It will most likely be the norm.

Sale’s pitching motion doesn’t lend itself to a long and succesful career. I honestly have no idea why Boston signed Sale to an extension.

The Red Sox have already had to put Sale on an innings limit. His wear and tear will start to add up faster and faster.

Also, one of the major reasons that the trade wasn’t as successful as some may think is because of what the Red Sox gave up. Yoan Moncada was one of Boston’s top prospects. He has had a decent career with the White Sox.

Calling this trade the 2nd best in the entire decade is just preposterous. I don’t even know if you could say it is a top-5 trade.

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So the trade that brought Chris Sale to Boston wasn’t as great as everyone believes. His career might go down in flames and it won’t be pretty.