New England Patriots: Too early to count out N’Keal Harry

Looking back at the 2019 New England Patriots draft class there isn’t a lot of stars, but don’t count out N’Keal Harry just yet.

This season was a disappointment for the New England Patriots in many ways. Once again the Patriots draft picks struggled to find their place on the team.

The Patriots barely even used some of their rookies. I don’t know why we didn’t see more of Damien Harris this season. New England’s running game (and offense as a whole) clearly could have used a spark.

Now the Patriots did get an immediate return from some players. Chase Winovich was the standout of the Patriots 2019 draft class. He finished the season with 5.5 sacks.

Jake Bailey was also pretty good, but it is hard to judge a punter. I don’t know why the Patriots decided to waste a draft pick on him.

One player that has drawn criticism is N’Keal Harry. 2019 wasn’t the best year for the receiver.

Harry got hurt in the preseason and didn’t play in his first NFL regular season game until Week 11. To say he was behind the eight ball would be an understatement.

When Harry first got on the field you could tell he was a rookie. He made some mistakes running routes and at times looked a bit lost.

But as the season progressed he showed what he is capable of. When Harry gets open space he is hard to bring down. Harry finished the season with 12 catches for 105 yards and 2 touchdowns.

I think the problem this season was how the New England Patriots used Harry. They need to throw him more jump balls because Harry is known for his ability to go up and grab 50/50 balls.

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It is still too soon to call N’Keal Harry a bust. In 2020 I think he will show his true talent.


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