Boston Red Sox focus should be on winning not spending

Recent moves have shown that the Boston Red Sox are focused on winning which is exactly what the team should be doing.

This has been an interesting offseason for the Boston Red Sox. It looked like the 2020 season could be a step back but now Boston looks focused on winning.

At the beginning of the offseason, we heard how Boston wanted to cut salary. It seemed like Mookie Betts was as good as gone.

After a disappointing 2019 season, this wasn’t what fans wanted to hear. It’s almost like the Red Sox brass was telling fans to get used to losing.

But recently things have changed. J.D. Martinez forced the Sox hand by not opting out. This made it seem even more likely that Mookie Betts was gone.

Then out of nowhere Sox fans got some good news. Betts and Boston avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year deal worth $27 million.

That is amazing news. Even if it is just a temporary fix, keeping Betts on the roster means that Boston can contend for the AL East and make a run in the postseason.

But the Red Sox weren’t done yet. They also signed a deal with Jackie Bradley Jr. to avoid arbitration.

This shows that Boston is willing to spend to keep talent on the roster. That shows players that the Red Sox are committed to winning.

Red Sox owner John Henry even reminded baseball operations that the focus should be on competitiveness and not financials.

I reminded baseball ops that we are focused on competitiveness over the next 5 years over and above resetting to which they said, ‘That’s exactly how we’ve been approaching it.’

Hopefully, 2020 will be a much better season for the Boston Red Sox. With key players returning they should have plenty of motivation to get back to the top of the AL East.

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Boston needs to prove that the investment is worth it and having a deep playoff run would show that the Red Sox are headed in the right direction.

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