Boston Celtics news: This is Jayson Tatum’s team now

Jayson Tatum is no longer a young star in the making. The Boston Celtics are his team and he is becoming a superstar.

No longer are we waiting for Jayson Tatum to become a superstar. We are seeing his transition into one of the best players in the NBA. Boston Celtics fans are ecstatic to say the least.

Tatum has had an amazing February. He is averaging 30 points a game and has some amazing performances. His last two games really stick out.

Against the LA Lakers, Tatum put up 41 points and 5 rebounds. Putting up these numbers against LeBron James and Anthony Davis shows just how talented he is.

On Tuesday against the Portland Trailblazers Tatum couldn’t be stopped. He was in his bag to say the least. Tatum scored 36 points without even attempting a free throw. He isn’t just dominating against low-level talent. Tatum is balling out against some of the best players in the NBA.

Frankly throughout the month, Tatum has proved that he is no longer a player that occasionally is allowed to be the No.1 guy.  He is the guy now, not Kemba Walker.

Now part of the reason we have seen Tatum grow is due to Walker has being injured. The point guard hasn’t played a game since the All-Star break, but Walker has mentioned before how he wants to see Tatum grow and would rather defer to him.

I can confidently say now that Tatum is the best player on the Boston Celtics. He is even being mentioned in the MVP conversation. Instead of waiting for Tatum to become a superstar we are witnessing it happen before our eyes.

Tatum is just exuding confidence. It seems like he will hit every shot he takes.

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So Kemba Walker and Jaylen Brown are just along for the ride. This is without a doubt Jayson Tatum’s team and Boston Celtics fans wouldn’t have it any other way.


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