5 most entertaining Boston sports athletes of all-time

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Boston sports

(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

Boston is the center of sports, filled with all-time talents, but these five athletes stand out as the most entertaining sports figures to become a member of the Boston sports family.

The greatest sports city of all time. Boston sports has been ruling the nation ever since Bill Russell’s 1959 Celtics began their championship streak of 8 years.

Atop headlines since the tragic trade of Babe Ruth, followed by an 86 year drought. Whether it be the addiction to clam chowder in Gloucester or the near heart attacks in Super Bowl 49 and 50, Boston has never been short on entertaining sports figures.

You might disagree, but you won’t change my mind, here are my top 5 most entertaining Boston sports athletes of all-time.

5. The Goat

Tom Brady almost didn’t make this list and despite what you’d think, he’s not on this list because he won an unreasonable amount of Super Bowls or his precision of the spiral.

His comeback drives, in a weird way, they became almost predictable. We loved them, no doubt. But we almost came to expect them.

Maybe that’s unfair, but honestly, his 30-yard heave to Rob Gronkowski late in Super Bowl 53 against the Rams, was kind of boring. We all knew he was going to make that throw, and we all knew he was going to win that game.

Ironically, he’s on this list because of his limited speed. We joke about his 1,000-yard rushing milestone, but to be honest, those were some of Brady’s most entertaining moments.

We never knew if he would get hurt. We were nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. We would rise up from the couch. We loved it when Brady foolishly got trucked by a 300-pound linebacker but stood up like he was a power running back, and with grass in his helmet, signaled “first down.” Those moments never got old.

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