New England Patriots: Sign J.C. Jackson long-term now

New England Patriots JC Jackson (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
New England Patriots JC Jackson (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The New England Patriots should get a long-term extension done with super young cornerback J.C. Jackson.

The New England Patriots have to get going and sign their burgeoning soon to be 25-year-old great young cornerback, J.C. Jackson to a long-term contract.

Anyone who has been observant can certainly ascertain that Jackson is a star in the making if he isn’t already that right now. The player simply plays at a high level, all the time for New England. It’s time to get a long-term deal done, now. There should be no holdup.

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The Patriots have had some poor personnel decisionmaking skills. They have not been spot-on as they would say across the pond with their personnel policies.

It’s been horrendous at times. Many times. Signing Jackson long-term would not be one of those times. Quite the opposite.

Their decisions to not draft or otherwise secure top wide receiver help for the offense this season was bizarre, at best. In addition, their lack of a big back to smash through for critical first downs on short yardage has been amply outlined and panned.

Yet, signing Jackson would be a move for all concerned, the team and the player, in absolutely the right direction.

Jackson was another super signing as an undrafted free agent by New England. The team to its credit has hit big on another undrafted free agent cornerback who has lit up the league in his first two seasons. For this and several other top-notch UDFA signings, they deserve acclimation.

Yet, now, it is evident that Jackson deserves a new, long-term contract for his performance on the field. The young cornerback out of Maryland has been terrific.

Eight interceptions over the last 2 years, and another one in the Patriots first victory over the Miami Dolphins, has made it perfectly clear that Jackson is a keeper. He should be signed to an immediate long-term extension now before it becomes prohibitively expensive to sign him when he becomes a free agent in a year or two.

The Patriots have an unusual if not bizarre outlook on personnel policy. New England basically kicked the greatest quarterback ever out-of-town.

Why? Because they didn’t treat the man right. In addition, New England’s draft policy is borderline nonsensical.

Here’s a team with virtually no wide receivers other than the inimitable Julian Edelman, that used none of its 13 draft picks in the 2020 draft on a wideout, a position of dire need.

The logic defies explanation. It’s dumbfounding, and frankly, incomprehensible, the team’s limited draft list of “worthy” players notwithstanding.

Not seeing the efficacy of drafting positions that need to be filled when you have multiple picks available, just seems beyond one’s grasp.

Not seeing the benefits of signing a future very likely great cornerback to a long-term deal before it is necessary and at possibly a lower cost is also questionable.

Yet, nothing has been done to tie the young man up long-term. If they are not yet convinced of his talents, they should be. This makes as little sense as their aforementioned draft philosophy.

The Patriots hierarchy should sign Jackson now, hopefully to a team and player-friendly contract before he is priced out of the team’s range if he becomes a free agent.

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On Jackson, it’s time to be proactive for once, rather than reactive. They should do the right thing and sign the great young cornerback. Now.