New England Patriots: Why Cam Newton is right QB for 2020

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton celebrates his two-yard touchdown run.Jg 110120 Bills 12
Patriots quarterback Cam Newton celebrates his two-yard touchdown run.Jg 110120 Bills 12 /

Even though he ended up costing the team a victory in Week 8, Cam Newton is still the best quarterback for the New England Patriots in 2020.

Cam Newton had quite the start to his New England Patriots career but quickly things have fallen apart. Newton is struggling but he is still the right quarterback for the team this season.

Newton’s performance in Week 8 left a lot to be desired. He didn’t exactly take over the game, and his fumble late in the fourth quarter was disappointing, to say the least.

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But overall it’s hard to complain about Newton’s performance this season. His passing numbers aren’t the best but New England would be in a much worse position without him.

This is mainly due to Newton’s leadership ability. He knows what it’s like to lose games. This is something that Patriots players and fans are still getting used to.

Newton’s leadership was on display after the Patriots’ loss to the Bills in Week 8. Newton didn’t deflect any blame after fumbling the game away. He was able to say that it was his fault and that he needs to be better.

It’s rather clear that the Patriots are not confident in Jarrett Stidham. If they were, he would have been the starting quarterback to start the season. They wouldn’t have spent the money that it took to bring Newton to New England.

New England is still looking for its quarterback of the future. They will need to do a good job in upcoming drafts if they want to be successful anytime soon. If they continue to struggle with selecting skill players via the draft, the Patriots could be at the bottom of the NFL for a long time.

Newton will be able to captain the ship during this difficult time. He will be able to motivate players and have them invested even though it seems like a championship is a million miles away.

Starting Stidham will signal that Bill Belichick has given up. They would be waving the white flag and showing that they are just tanking for a quality draft pick.

At least with Newton the team can be somewhat competitive. He can be the bridge that helps carry the Patriots into the future even if it’s just for one season. Players like Jakobi Meyers and Damien Harris could gain some valuable experience in 2020.

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So Patriots fans shouldn’t be calling for Newton to sit on the bench. The best thing for the team is allowing him to finish the season.