New England Patriots: Kraft, Belichick look silly after Super Bowl LV

Bill Belichick had to be stewing as Tom Brady racked up his 7th Super Bowl win without any assistance from the head coach and GM of the New England Patriots.

Brady proved without a doubt that it was his brilliance and not that of his former coach that was mainly responsible for the New England Patriots’ six Super Bowl wins (which should have been many more). Brady was much more of a factor than even he was given credit for.

The Patriots all-time faux pas in letting Brady leave without paying him the respect and admiration he deserved has now been totally exposed. Brady, with a completely new team and essentially no pre-season has once again risen to the top of the NFL world.

This time, sans his former coach. In fact, Belichick’s record shows he’s a losing head coach without Brady.

Belichick who allowed a still very effective (understatement) Brady to depart and owner Robert Kraft who was evidently inattentive to the situation equally share the responsibility. But, maybe Kraft should raise his hand first.

The owner should have been acutely aware that it was his player, not his coach/GM who made the whole New England dynasty work for 20 years. If it came to a decision between the two as to who should stay, well, let’s just say Kraft made a poor decision.

Kraft was badly burned by his mishandling of the Bill Parcells situation (not allowing a very solid personnel person, Parcells to run the personnel operation). So now, as a result, he has committed the reverse mistake by allowing an ineffectual manager to continue to run all the personnel operations of his $2 billion team.

Why New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft should sell team

Kraft after this monumental blunder should consider selling the team to a new owner who at least could possibly recognize and reward excellence when he sees it for 20 years. The current owner didn’t or in any event, otherwise allowed the course of events to unfold that ultimately sent Brady packing.

The mistakes made in the team’s treatment of Brady have now come home to roost. The New England Patriots are the losers and the Tampa Bay Bucs are the Super Bowl Champions.

It’s hard to say, “Tampa Bay, winners”.

Yet, it’s as simple as that and as simple as asking, “who was the quarterback of the New England Patriots when they won their six Super Bowls then, and who was the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when they won their first one, now?”

This debacle is a fault in leadership.

In personal relationships, and in personnel administration. The New England Patriots may now go on as they did since 1960 before Brady arrived on the scene. Looking up at the best.

After six Championships, they decided to discard the all-time greatest player in NFL history while he was still performing at a very high level.

Shortsighted? Indeed. Inconceivable? Absolutely. Reversible? Never.

What’s done is done. Tom Brady plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay are the NFL Champions, and the New England Patriots are losers again.