Boston Celtics rumors: One Luka Doncic trade Mark Cuban, Dallas cannot resist

There is a situation brewing in the NBA that could change the future landscape of the entire league.  It is a situation that involves ascending superstar Luka Doncic and one that could end up impacting your Boston Celtics in a major way.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced from reporters Tim Cato and Sam Amick of the Athletic that Doncic is growing disgruntled with the Dallas Mavericks front office just in time for him to be eligible for a Super Max contract extension.

Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban has called the report complete “Bull—-” and an attempt to cause drama where there is none, but we all know how the NBA works.  Where there is smoke there is usually fire and if one of the best young, rising stars wants out of a current situation, the Celtics may be in the best position to offer the Mavericks the one piece they can’t refuse.

Of course, Cuban wants to hold on to Doncic as the face of his organization, and what owner wouldn’t?  But he also has to be smart.

If Doncic doesn’t plan on sticking around long-term, get something just as good for him now rather than losing him completely later.

Boston Celtics would be in the best position for a Luka Doncic swap

That is where the Celtics come in.  While other NBA fanbases are coming up with dream trade scenarios for the All-Star point guard, Brad Stevens has the one player Cuban may want if Doncic forces his hand.

That player is Jayson Tatum.

Yes, the same Tatum who is coming off his best season at the young age of 23.  A player who Kevin Durant said the league will have to watch out for in the future; a player who LeBron James called “a problem”.

While the obvious trade ship here would have Jaylen Brown as the centerpiece, would Luka Doncic and Brown actually work better than a Tatum and Doncic duo?

On paper, people are calling me crazy for this, but keeping Jaylen in this scenario could actually be better for the future of the Boston Celtics because two 1A players could cause future drama for the organization.

It is an intriguing concept though.  The Boston Celtics could have two of the top 3 young superstars in the NBA.  But let’s not act like that is realistic.

All season long, that Alpha dog mentality has been in question with Tatum.  Despite, 60-point, 50-point performances, there were times Tatum was criticized for not being more of a ball distributor and making players around him better.  Doncic has that capability.

So, offer Jayson Tatum and draft picks straight up for Luka Doncic?  I’m sure the teams can work out all the other minor details.

If I’m Stevens, I have to wonder if Tatum will even stay in Boston long term once his Max extension is up.  Is he a player who could leave to form a super team somewhere else?  Let that be Cuban’s problem in the future.

With Doncic, the Boston Celtics would have a distributor who is more than capable of taking over any game with his scoring ability as well.  He showcased that at TD Garden when he shot lights out in a Dallas Mavericks win this season.

Now, this may be much ado about nothing as Mark Cuban swears everything is beautiful in Dallas, but in case it isn’t and that young man is really unhappy, well, the Celtics have the one player who could bring Doncic to Boston.

It’s too bad Boston couldn’t have both, but these two organizations swapping young stars may be the best direction for both teams.