Julian Edelman, Stephon Gilmore ejected from Patriots practice for fighting

FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 22: Julian Edelman
FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 22: Julian Edelman /

New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman and CB Stephon Gilmore were thrown out of practice yesterday for getting into a fight with each other.

Things got a little intense in New England Patriots training camp Tuesday.

One veteran receiver got into it with one of the team’s newcomers.

Music to my ears. Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeee!

In One Corner

Julian Edelman, underneath his pretty-boy exterior, is one of the toughest players in the league. As a small slot receiver, Edelman takes some pretty big hits across the middle. Very rarely have I seen him dazed.

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What Edelman lacks in size, however, he makes up for in arrogance. That’s a compliment, mind you. In Edelman’s mind he stands taller than any defensive player in the league. He’s a Chihuahua who thinks he’s a Great Dane. That’s what makes him so good. (Was Chihuahua too mean? Pitbull, maybe?)

Another skill that Edelman possesses is the ability to piss off opposing DBs. If you’re the unlucky soul tasked with covering Edelman, you better be ready to endure endless trash-talk with a side of pushing and shoving. Oh, and you better be quick. Really quick.

In The Other Corner

Stephon Gilmore, the newly acquired stud cornerback. Or as I like to call him Happy Gilmore because he tries to fight people who taunt him while he’s playing.

I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar with Gilmore’s work at the cornerback position. What I do know, however, is that he has a size advantage over Edelman, as he stands 6 foot 1, 190 lbs. According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Gilmore “is noted for his length and physical play”. I also know that he is extremely talented.

In order to anger Julian Edelman to the point of fighting, you must be just as much of a pest as he is. In other words, he was sticking to him like white on rice. The new guy can play.

Ding Ding Ding

"According to Doug Kyed of NESN, “Edelman took exception to being held by Gilmore on a target from Jacoby Brissett and got in his face. Gilmore shoved Edelman, and the wideout threw his new teammate to the ground. The two players had to be separated after ripping off each others’ helmets.”"

Both players were kicked out of practice, as is the Patriots’ fighting policy. Boy oh boy what a beautiful sight.

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The Results

Who was the winner of this fight? The New England Patriots.

While no one questions Stephon Gilmore’s defensive abilities, it has yet to be measured how he will fit into the Patriots’ defensive system and their team culture. Though I’m on the outside looking in, I believe the Patriots thrive on internal competition.

Tom Brady will get on a receiver if his route is one millimeter off. Bill Belichick will replace you with a local car mechanic if he thinks he has superior ball security. Julian Edelman will not let you obstruct his route. And now, there’s Stephon Gilmore. If you think you’re getting away from his coverage, think again.

I can see from this little incident that Stephon Gilmore is cut out to be a Patriot. Not only did the defense gain a weapon, but the offense will be better because of his competitive spirit.

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If the Patriots’ aerial attack can be effective in practice against the likes of Malcolm Butler and Stephon Gilmore, who will be the secondary to stop them? (Hint: there is none).