Boston Celtics rumors: Latest ‘Woj bomb’ has Kyrie Irving leaving team

Just as it seemed like there may have been a chance that Kyrie Irving could stay with the Boston Celtics Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a bomb on C’s fans.

Everything seemed good a few days ago. Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge made it seem like there was still a chance that Kyrie Irving would come back to Boston. Adrian Wojnarowski thinks differently.

Ainge spoke for the first time after his heart attack and spoke about how the Celtics were having conversations with Irving and how there has been no indication given by Irving that he doesn’t want to return to Boston.

Now obviously you should want Kyrie Irving on your team. He is an amazing scorer and one of the best point guards in the league.

Irving’s only issues are off the court and in the locker room. Throughout the 2018-19 season we saw Irving struggle mightily as a leader. He called out younger players and just created a poor atmosphere around the team.

From the start of the season Irving was linked to certain teams that might try and sign him when he opts out of his contract. One that has recently gained a ton of traction is the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets had a surprisingly good season. They finished 6th in the Eastern Conference and are building around D’Angelo Russell and Caris LeVert.

It has been rumored that Kyrie desires to play in New York because it’s where he spent his childhood. I think just buying a house would solve Irving’s home sickness, but I guess that isn’t the case.

If Irving goes to the Nets I think it would be an idiotic move. The Nets are basically the junior Boston Celtics with how their roster is constructed. We all saw how Irving did last year so why would he step into that situation again?

It’s crazy how fast things have changed for Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics. It was all good just a year ago.

Now the Boston Celtics seem like they are about to undergo a slight rebuild as they try and improve after a disappointing 2018-19 NBA season.