New England Patriots rumors: Tom Brady deal is not what it seems

It appeared that the New England Patriots locked up Tom Brady for the next two years, but the latest news should make Pats fans nervous.

Everything was all good just a few days ago. It looked like the New England Patriots would be stable at quarterback for at least the near future. Now things aren’t as solid.

On Sunday, the New England Patriots and Tom Brady signed an extension that gave the QB a nice pay raise and also ensured he would stay in New England for 2 more years.

I was pumped to see the Patriots lock Brady up. Going into the preseason with no deal would have most likely meant that Brady wouldn’t be playing. With so many new players on offense that would have been less than ideal.

Also it would be a travesty if Brady ended up leaving the Patriots. New England should do just about everything to make sure that he is a New England Patriot for his entire career.

Boston fans have had some bad experiences with this already. Remember Ray Bourque winning his only Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche after spending 20+ years with the Boston Bruins?

This deal gave some clarity about the future and calmed any nerves that a fan could have. Well it did until Ian Rapoport and his sources found out more details about the deal.

Essentially this deal isn’t an extension at all. The Patriots just gave Brady a massive raise for 2019 and that is it.

There is one reason that I am extremely nervous about this deal. Now Brady has the ability to retire and get all the money he is promised.

Could this be Tom Brady’s last season? You have to imagine he respects the organization and wants them to be able to plan for the future.

So what once seemed certain is now as fragile as a house of cards. We may be seeing the end of the Tom Brady era in New England.