Boston Red Sox rumors: Team caught in crossfire of sign-stealing scandal

The Houston Astros appeared to have been stealing signs but this might get the Boston Red Sox and Alex Cora in trouble.

One story that has been dominating headlines in the baseball world is the sign-stealing scandal that the Houston Astros are being accused of. But now it seems like the Boston Red Sox might end up in trouble as well.

For those that haven’t seen the news, the Astros used a camera in centerfield to steal signs from the catcher.

A feed would be watched in a tunnel between the clubhouse and dugout, and then a teammate would bang on a trashcan a certain number of times to signal what pitch was being thrown.

As you can see this was no joke. Houston had a system and you could say that it worked out. There is evidence that the Astros did this throughout the 2017 season, the same season they won the World Series.

Now, do you happen to remember who was a bench coach for the Astros that season? The current manager of the Red Sox, Alex Cora.

Cora joined the Red Sox the season right after that. It isn’t that far fetched to think Cora might have continued the practice when he came to Boston. 2 World Series in 2 years makes it seem like it was worth the risk.

The Red Sox aren’t foreign to cheating scandals. They allegedly used Apple watches to steal signs in 2017.

Now this is just the bad press that the team doesn’t need. With Mookie Betts considering moving on from the team this doesn’t make Boston’s pitch any better.

It would make more sense for Betts to leave the team if this story continues to surround the Red Sox. Mookie can join another team and start building a new image.

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Even though they aren’t the ones cheating, it looks like the Boston Red Sox are getting caught up in a scandal that could ruin the team’s legacy.





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