Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown opens up on the ‘Woj Pod’

Jaylen Brown joins Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast to discuss his time in the NBA and with the Boston Celtics.

When the Boston Celtics committed to their most recent youth movement, the team knew they were going to need the perfect veteran player to come in here and lead the way.

In 2016, Al Horford changed the narrative and came to Boston as a top-level free agent prospect. With considerations to his respect and status around the league, Horford was the perfect example of a true professional both on and off the court for the Boston Celtics.

The following year the Boston Celtics were able to land another top-level free agent in Kyrie Irving. Irving came to Boston saying all the right things – but little did we know at the time – he clearly didn’t mean any of it.

On a team full of young and talented players, the Boston Celtics needed the exact opposite of Kyrie Irving. Someone who is optimistic, open to change, and willing to do whatever it takes to win as a team. Someone like Kemba Walker.

Kemba Walker signed with the green and white this past summer during free agency and quickly picked up the shambled pieces of the previous season. The team chemistry and locker room comradery immediately changed for the better and it’s reflective of how the Celtics have performed on the court this season.

One player in particular who has been very pleased and impressed with the leadership provided by Kemba in comparison to some of the other so-called “leaders” who have donned the green and white is Jaylen Brown.

Brown opened up about the differences in leadership he has seen since being in Boston in a recent episode of the Adrian Wojnarowski’s ‘Woj Pod’. He went on to tell Wojnarowski he noticed the type of leader Kemba was during their time playing in China on Team USA.

“Kemba was one of the leaders of that team, so he had to take the majority of the flack. And how he handled it was great. He didn’t point fingers. He didn’t blame others. He said things that were more uplifting than usually what you see.”

We’ve heard many players on the team speak up about the issues circulating last season, but it’s different when Jaylen does. He’s usually the calm, cool, and collective guy on the team, but he still has a lot to say about the leadership issues from previous seasons.

“Maybe somebody goes into a corner and doesn’t talk nobody. You know what I mean? Instead of starting to hang out with their teammates, they start hanging out more with their agent or people, their friends, their entourage. With Kemba, we still hung out, we still played cards when we were out in China. Nothing changed even with more pressure.”

An example of what Jaylen Brown is referring to is how Kemba Walker immediately put the blame on his shoulders for the Celtics’ most recent loss to the Detroit Pistons. Walker understands the position he is in and sets himself to a high standard in regards to making sure his team is prepared for their upcoming battle.

To add to Jaylen’s point about Kemba’s leadership, he often runs up and down the Celtics half of the sideline to coach, advise, and congratulate his teammates on their own great individual efforts and overall team victory.

In comparison to last year, this is an obvious great feeling for the entire Boston Celtics team to share.