Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown earning his new contract

Jaylen Brown is playing up to his new contract, and the Boston Celtics are better for it.

When Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics agreed to a contract extension earlier this season, the move was widely criticized by experts and fans alike.

The guy who hadn’t even made an All-Star team was now going to make over $100 million dollars? No way could he be worth that.

Jaylen Brown is showing everyone that he could make his first All-Star team this year. He’s been one of Boston’s best players this season, and his all-around game has been phenomenal. Brown has been averaging 19 points and seven rebounds a game while playing solid defense.

Can he do this all season?

That’s the question with Jaylen Brown. If he can keep this high level of play the entire year, then it’s going to pay off when the playoffs roll around.

Gordon Hayward will be back from injury soon and if Brown can keep up this level of play, it’ll only make the C’s better and more difficult for other teams to defend.

Consistency has always been key for Brown. He didn’t come into the league with a consistent jumper, he couldn’t string together multiple stellar performances, he couldn’t stay solid defensively, he couldn’t handle the ball.

Those things have all changed as Jaylen has gotten older and developed his game. He spent this past summer working relentlessly on his handle which is clear to see when he plays.

He’s now become one of the best defenders on the team, has become a solid jump shooter and is putting together great games on a nightly basis.

That contract that Jaylen Brown signed earlier this season is going to look like a bargain once he reaches his full potential.

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Remember, he just turned 23 years old in October. It’s been fun to see Jaylen grow, and this season is going to be his best yet.

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