New England Patriots 2020 offseason: Team has botched things so far

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New England Patriots

J.C. Jackson #27 and Devin McCourty #32 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

The 2020 New England Patriots offseason has been suspect and it doesn’t seem like there will be a lot of hope for the regular season.

I have a keen interest in the offseason team-building aspect of the New England Patriots. It’s a complete bore to some I know, but not to this writer.

Offseason team-building is where it’s at. The essence of the team’s success in the upcoming season is built in the offseason.

Some fans tend to completely ignore this aspect of their team’s next season. It’s baffling to me that they can just brush aside and ignore everything that goes on between February and September.

They throw this process under the rug like dust and blissfully ignore all the most critical elements of their teams’ potential success. How can they ignore all this?

To ignore this aspect of the process is like ignoring the ingredients of preparing a great meal. If you get a poor choice of meat, fish or vegetables and poor seasonings, you’re not going to be satisfied with the results. You have to do the prep to be able to see the best results.

Key aspects of the team’s success the next season are determined during these months. Which free agents are re-signed, who leaves and who enters in free agency?

And then, there’s the draft. Which positions in the NFL draft are addressed that will fill team needs and address the team’s weaknesses in the previous season? Which undrafted free agents will be signed after the draft and will a gem like Malcolm Butler or J.C. Jackson emerge from this group?

This is a great opportunity to remedy a team’s weaknesses if manipulated right. Will your team make the right positional determinations and the best players at those positions to do the job?

These are some of the offseason aspects of teambuilding that must succeed if your team is to do well, make the playoffs, and even compete for a Super Bowl title.

So, how have the New England Patriots done in their critically important first post-Tom Brady offseason?

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