Boston Red Sox: Chris Sale still respects Alex Cora

Some players around Major League Baseball might have lost respect for Alex Cora due to his cheating scandal but Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale is not one of them.

The view of Alex Cora has changed drastically around the Major Leagues. Even amongst Boston Red Sox fans the opinion has changed.

This is all due to Cora being caught up in not one but two cheating scandals. Due to his role with the Houston Astros during the now infamous trashcan scandal, Cora is suspended for 2020. He might not be actually punished if the MLB season is canceled, but the stain will be on his record for the rest of his managing career.

But there is also the Red Sox cheating scandal. This wasn’t as bad as the Astros scandal and Cora didn’t seem to be as heavily involved. Still, some people view the Red Sox’s 2018 World Series a bit differently.

In the Red Sox locker room Cora was beloved. It isn’t surprising since he is described as the ultimate player’s coach.

After Cora left the team many players spoke about how much they loved him as a manager and stuck up for him. Now you can add another player who is in Cora’s corner. Chris Sale still loves Cora.

“AC came in and put players in positions to succeed and took care of all of us. That’s why we love and respect him so much,” Sale told ESPN’s Marly Rivera in a recent interview.

“That was a blow. It was a big blow and it sucked. We didn’t want to see him go because of the love and respect that we had for him, and he earned that. You don’t just come into a big league clubhouse and get that kind of respect. AC earned it.”

Also, Sale didn’t seem to care so much about the Astros scandal.

“Let me be clear: I believe what the Astros did was wrong. That is first and foremost. But it doesn’t matter. What am I going to do? Am I going to go back and change it? Am I going to go steal the Astros’ rings and put a ‘B’ (for Boston) on them instead of an ‘H’? … There’s no point in sitting around complaining about losing.”

Honestly, I find that quite surprising. Let’s not forget that Sale is the same guy who cut up jerseys when he was with the Chicago White Sox. If anyone cares about the sanctity of the game you would think it was him.

With all the support of Cora, it seems like he would be a perfect candidate to make a return to the team, but recent comments show that Cora might be done coaching.

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If Cora does come back it will be a big lift for the Red Sox and help them be succesfull. If he isn’t the team could be rebuilding for quite a while.

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