New England Patriots: Isaiah Wynn a master craftsman

New England Patriots Isaiah Wynn (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
New England Patriots Isaiah Wynn (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

New England Patriots offensive left tackle is an amazing talent.

The New England Patriots offensive line is a key to their 2020 season. As it is every season, second only to the most important position on the team, the quarterback. In 2020, it will be even more critical to the team’s success without No. 12 at the helm.

Without the master, Tom Brady at the helm, the offensive line will be under even more pressure to perform. Jarrett Stidham or whoever else is at quarterback will need maximum time to throw.

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Unfortunately, Isaiah Wynn was hit with the injury bug during his first 2 years in the NFL. He missed the entire 2018 season, and only was fit for 8 games in 2019.

Hopefully, those injuries are behind him. The Patriots have clearly placed their faith in Wynn, and he has the ability to reward that faith.

Yet, Wynn is very undersized for an offensive tackle at a listed 6’2″ tall and 310 pounds. The modern NFL offensive left tackle more likely slots in at about 6’5″ tall or better and probably 320 pounds or more. Wynn is an anomaly for sure as an offensive left tackle. Still, though, he excels.

So how does he manage to excel at a position where he doesn’t fit the profile, but rather is more the size of a rather smaller offensive center? It’s talent. Wynn is a tremendously talented offensive lineman.

Wynn’s technical ability is even obvious for a casual observer to see. He possesses amazingly quick feet allowing him to wall off defensive linemen from the quarterback in pass protection, and he does it seemingly effortlessly. With ease.

Looking at the 2017 College Championship game highlights, Wynn dominated Alabama’s weak side defensive edge player. He took him completely out of the game. He was a non-factor until Nick Saban, Alabama’s Coach moved him to the strong side.

Wynn possesses an innate ability to mirror and slide with defensive edge players with ease. This must cause ample frustration to NFL-caliber players who cannot find a crack in his armor. Wynn’s ability is really a joy to watch if you are inclined to observe offensive line play at all.

Hopefully, 2020 will be the year that Wynn finally stays on the field and gets to show off his talent for a full season. If healthy, you can bet he won’t disappoint. He’s too talented.

The New England Patriots offense will need a healthy Wynn to be competitive in 2020. He may be undersized, but he’s not at all lacking in ability.

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Wynn is one of the most talented linemen in the NFL. If he can play a full season relatively uninjured, he’ll prove it in 2020.