New England Patriots rumors: Cam Newton’s contract a steal for team

The details of Cam Newton’s contact came out and the New England Patriots got a former NFL MVP for an absolute bargain.

There was a lot of skepticism when the New England Patriots signed Cam Newton. Some fans wondered if the QB’s injuries would be too much of a hurdle.

Would Cam be the same dominant quarterback that he was before? Will the injuries have taken too much of a toll?

The Patriots have been strapped for cash for awhile. They had the least amount of cap space headed into the Newton deal and now they have even less.

Nonetheless the Patriots did the right thing. Especially now that we know the details of Newton’s contract.

It was already known that Newton’s contract was very dependent on incentives. This lends itself to being a cheap deal.

But the full details show just how great of a deal New England got Cam to agree to. It just shows once again how great of an organization New England is.

I can’t believe that. Nathan Peterman is making more money than Newton. An interception machine is making more than a former MVP.

Even if Newton reaches all his incentives, he will be making just $7.5 million. For a player like Newton that is a steal.

The 2020 season will be an interesting one. Newton looks as motivated as ever. Now that he is in New England he can do some real damage.

Newton has already worked out with Mohamed Sanu. I wouldn’t be surprised if more videos came out of him working with Patriots receivers. I’m really interested to see how Newton performs with such athletic receivers in Sanu and N’Keal Harry. 

As expected Newton should be the favorite to win the starting job. He is a mountain of a man who looks like your prototypical QB while also having more unique skills.

Newton can stand in the pocket and deliver some great passes. Newton worked with Steve Smith so it will be interesting to see how he does with Julian Edelman.

But for that price it seems like the Newton deal is already a success. Even if Jarrett Stidham beats him out for the starting job the Patriots won’t owe him a lot of money.

The Cam Newton era in New England sure will be interesting and also could be rather successful.