New England Patriots rumors: Latest Stephon Gilmore news good for team

FOXBOROUGH, MA - OCTOBER 27: Stephon Gilmore #24 of the New England Patriots defense Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the Cleveland Browns during a game at Gillette Stadium on October 27, 2019 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
FOXBOROUGH, MA - OCTOBER 27: Stephon Gilmore #24 of the New England Patriots defense Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the Cleveland Browns during a game at Gillette Stadium on October 27, 2019 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

Reports that the New England Patriots and Stephon Gilmore might be able to resolve their differences are positive indeed for the team.

A report from Mike Reiss reported on NESN indicates that things may look better than formerly expected.

That’s good news for Patriots fans assuming the former first-team All-Pro cornerback is healthy. If so, Gilmore is still one of, if not the best cornerbacks in the NFL.

As has been written before in this space, it’s never a good idea to trade top cornerback if you don’t have to.

Perhaps, the situation with the team and Gilmore is such that they don’t have to trade him. His trade was previously linked here with a trade for a top wide receiver.

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That need remains a critical one for the Patriots. Yet, trading a top-five cornerback to remedy another positional problem is not the best idea in the world.

The best idea is to find other ways to remedy the top three off-season problems that still remain priorities for New England.

What Gilmore’s re-signing will do for the New England Patriots

Should Steph Gilmore re-sign with the New England Patriots, they will have solidified one position on the defense, cornerback. That is one of the most critical positions on the defensive side, thank you.

Gilmore and J.C. Jackson, he of the nine interceptions in 2020 seasons, provide a formidable tandem at corner. In the NFL, that’s almost as good as it gets.

On one side, you have a lock down corner to cover the opposition’s top receiver. On the other, you have a ball hawk who can burn you by taking the rock away at an alarming rate.

That’s just the beginning of the good news. The safety position is also rock solid with the stellar Devin McCourty and second-year pro, Kyle Dugger, manning two spots. That’s good news here also.

The importance of keeping the backline of the defense at top capacity is that with the strengthened first two levels of the defense, great things can happen.

Solid New England Patriots defensive line

First, the defensive line has been augmented by several veterans’ These include Devon Godchaux, Henry Anderson, and Montravious Adams.

In addition, New England retained free agents Lawrence Guy, their best D-lineman, and Deatrich Wise, Jr. a solid if not spectacular hybrid tackle/end.

Adding to the mix is an exciting prospect, Christian Barmore the Alabama product who excelled last season for the Tide from many different spots on the defensive line racking up eight sacks in the process.

Barmore has studied Reggie White, the great Eagle, and Packer defensive tackle/end hybrid. Here’s what he said about that,

"“I looked up Reggie White because he was from Philly. I didn’t know until later, who he was, like a legend,” Barmore said in a pre-draft interview. “I used to watch him, tried to study all his moves… that’s the guy who really made me who I am today. I didn’t get taught the game until late. I was watching all the moves he was doing, took it in, and tried everything out.”"

White was a force, and anything close to his career for Barmore would be incredible. Ready for this, White racked up a total of 198 sacks in his long career.

Should Barmore emerge anywhere near a Reggie White-like defensive tackle/end, then New England fans may have a phenomenon on their hands.

New England Patriots linebacker strength

The third level of the New England Patriots defense is also well-fortified for 2021. In addition to the return of Dont’a Hightower, the team’s best linebacker from Covid-19 opt-out, the Patriots added former Patriot and terrific linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

In addition, they signed Matt Judon, a sack specialist from Baltimore. Judon is an under-the-radar top player, folks. He could absolutely ignite the Patriots’ pass rush in 2021.

These additions, plus the returning Chase Winovich, who racked up 5.5 sacks last season (a bit of a disappointment) and Josh Uche, second-year athletic edge/inside player, both from Michigan, and the Patriots have the beginnings of a wagon at linebacker, as well.

So, that’s a summary of what the return, hopefully, of Stephon Gilmore means to a New England defense. If he does, in fact, return, This defense has top-five defense written all over it.

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Hopefully, Gilmore and the team can work out their differences and head into 2021 together with a monster defense in the making.

If this happens, then it’s on to Miami and the first game. It seems clear in this space, that such a defense will help New England find its way to the playoffs.

We’ll see. But, that’s why, as they say, they play the games. Can’t wait.