Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown wishes LeBron James was still in Eastern Conference

Jaylen Brown showed his competitive nature by saying that he wished the Boston Celtics were able to defeat LeBron James on their way to a championship.

It is not a bold statement to say that the Eastern Conference is the Boston Celtics to lose. With LeBron James signing with the LA Lakers, the Celtics have the most talented roster and are the heavy favorites to win the Eastern Conference.

Even though this move may be advantageous to Jaylen Brown, the 2nd year stud is upset with LeBron’s move to the West.

“To be honest, I wanted him to stay,” Brown said. “I was kind of mad, I wanted to be the team to go through him. I feel like we could have had it last year, but we fell a little bit short. But I applaud someone doing what’s best for him. He did what’s best for him in that situation. I wanted him to stay in the East. People say, I don’t like when people say ‘Now that LeBron’s gone, y’all are the favorite.’ That irks me. A lot of us, we feel the same, because we feel that whether he was there or wasn’t there, we was coming out.”

This just shows how competitive Brown is as a player. Most people would be cheering that James would be leaving their conference. Brown on the other hand, doesn’t want any excuses. It’s an attitude that you have to appreciate.

The Celtics sure came close

The Boston Celtics almost reached Brown’s goal of dethroning “King James.” They gave the Cleveland Cavaliers all they had but fell short in game 7. You have to believe that if the Celtics had Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, that they would have easily defeated the Cavs.

Now it seems like the Celtics will play next season on rookie mode. The regular season will be a mere warmup for the Celtics. If they don’t make it to the NBA Finals the season would be a disappointment.

Next season will be an important one for Brown. He greatly improved and made some strides in his second season in the league. Brown averaged 14.5 points and 4.9 rebounds a game in the regular season, and 18 points and 4.8 rebounds a game in the playoffs.

He had a solid postseason but struggled at the end of the Eastern Conference Finals. In Game 7 Brown shot a horrid .278 from the field.

Brown left a sour taste and fans mouths and was in the middle of some trade talk this offseason. If he goes out and has a great season it will make it harder for the C’s to give up on him.

Brown is a quality shooter. When he is dialed in, he can’t miss. Brown is also a great athlete who can change the course of a game with an explosive slam.

Jaylen Brown may not be challenged by the East, but his competitiveness will be tested if the Boston Celtics make it to the NBA Finals.