Boston Celtics rumors: Get excited for Carsen Edwards

On Tuesday the Boston Celtics played the Cleveland Cavaliers and rookie Carsen Edwards put on a show. C’s fans should be excited by his performance.

This preseason has basically been the Tacko Fall show for the Boston Celtics. He has quickly become one of the fan favorites on the team, but C’s fans should be paying attention to another rookie.

The Boston Celtics have been missing a pure shooter for a long time. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are alright but they are not someone you can consistently rely on to nail 3’s.

Well, Boston might have found their guy. Carsen Edwards looks like the shooter they have been looking for. If he can shoot like he did on Tuesday night, Boston Celtics fans will love him.

Edwards had the game of his life against the Cavs. In the 3rd quarter Edwards hit 8 three-pointers in the 3rd quarter alone. He finished the game with 30 points in only 21 minutes.

It just seemed like Edwards couldn’t miss. If he pulled up from behind half-court I still would have expected the shot to go in.

Now I don’t know if we can expect this kind of output from Edwards each and every night. But this performance shows what he is capable of.

Edwards can be a guy that comes off the bench and gives the team life. If the team is down he can bring them back and even give them the lead.

From what we have seen Edwards has proven that he can be a key part of the Celtics bench. He might be the shooter that the team has been looking for to come off the bench. Maybe Edwards will be the modern-day Eddie House?

Carsen Edwards will surprise some people this season and hopefully help the Boston Celtics coming off the bench.