Boston Celtics: Gordon Hayward flourishing on court

The Gordon Hayward that Boston Celtics fans were looking for has finally arrived and he is looking great on the court.

One team that has been surprising people is the Boston Celtics. They have had an impressive start to the season and so has Gordon Hayward.

Now after Kyrie Irving left the C’s were bound for a down year right? Well, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The Celtics are 5-1 and Gordon Hayward looks like the player C’s fans were dreaming of. Tuesday night just proved that.

Boston headed to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers and they walked away with the win, but Hayward’s performance is what stood out.

This might have been Hayward’s best performance in Boston. He racked up 39 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds.

Now that is impressive but when you look deeper Hayward was on fire. He scored 16 points in the 1st quarter and was 17-20 from the field.

Hayward also joined some esteemed company. He became the only player besides Wilt Chamberlain to make 100 percent of their 2 point shots with at least 17 shots taken.

Man imagine if I told a Boston Celtics fan this a year ago. They wouldn’t believe me even if I had visual evidence.

If Hayward and the Celtics can continue to play like this the Boston Celtics will surprise some people and even get far. What is stopping the Celtics from going deep in the playoffs?

Hayward has his confidence back. Last season he looked like a completely different player. He seemed completely out of place.

Now Hayward has taken his spot. He is comfortable and I think he will have an amazing season. Especially if he can continue to shoot like he did on Thursday.

So get ready Boston Celtics fans. Unlike last year, this team will be fun to watch each and every night.