New England Patriots: Bill Belichick didn’t want to lose Josh McDaniels

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots refused to allow Josh McDaniels to move up his head coaching interviews showing just how worried they were that McDaniels might leave the team.

All the signs seemed to be pointing to Josh McDaniels leaving the New England Patriots this offseason, but Bill Belichick did what he could to try and keep McDaniels on his staff.

Even before the postseason started we knew Josh McDaniels leaving was a possibility. Once “Black Monday” came and teams started to fire their head coaches, McDaniels was already being linked to teams.

This seems like one of McDaniels’s last chances to get a head coaching job outside of New England. After his stunt with the Colts, he doesn’t have a lot of trust around the league.

The Cleveland Browns were the only job left and it seemed like a perfect fit for McDaniels. He grew up nearby and has family in the area.

But the Patriots weren’t keen on letting him go. Bill Belichick wouldn’t allow McDaniels to move up his interviews even after New England was eliminated from the playoffs.

New England must really love McDaniels. With all the lengths they are going to make sure he stayed it seems like they want him to be the next head coach.

Who’s to say that if Bill Belichick had allowed him to move up his interviews that he wouldn’t be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns right now.

Also one has to think that keeping McDaniels will help New England’s chances of keeping Tom Brady. Brady and McDaniels are known to love working for one another.

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So we saw just how valued Josh McDaniels is here in New England. He looks like he is being prepped to take over once Bill Belichick leaves. Now that he is staying that looks to be a certainty at this point.

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