Boston Bruins are desperately missing Kevan Miller

The Boston Bruins are in desperate need of some toughness. Sadly it doesn’t look like Kevan Miller will be starting anytime soon.

The Boston Bruins might be without Tuukka Rask for some time as the goaltender was concussed by a dirty hit on Tuesday night and the B’s did nothing about it.

Credit to Brandon Carlo for wanting to drop the gloves, but he didn’t have a willing sparring partner. But Boston could use a return from Kevan Miller.

Miller doesn’t provide a lot of skill (even though he has a wicked slap shot). The defensemen is powerful with his hits and isn’t afraid to drop the gloves. That is something that Boston desperately needs right now.

The problem is that Miller isn’t returning anytime soon. He hasn’t played a game this entire season and I don’t know if he will. Miller suffered a setback with his knee injury and his status for this season is up in the air.

With the amount of time that Miller has been out of commission you have to question if he will ever play again. It seems like this knee injury is really bad.

But this seems like the time the Bruins need Miller the most. They can’t afford to lose Zdeno Chara for a fighting major and the Bruins don’t have a lot of players who are willing to drop the gloves.

At one point it seemed like Miller was someone who didn’t matter in the big picture. He just seemed like a bottom pairing defensemen who can occasionally score some goals. Trading Miller seemed like a better idea than keeping him.

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So if Kevan Miller does return it would help the Boston Bruins out a lot. Opposing teams would stop taking runs at players like what happened Tuesday night to Tuukka Rask.

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