New England Patriots rumors: Hayden Hurst not what team needs

The New England Patriots need to find a tight end but Hayden Hurst shouldn’t be on their radar.

After the 2019 season, it was pretty obvious that the New England Patriots needed an upgrade at the tight end position.

Ben Watson and Matt LaCosse didn’t get the job done blocking or receiving. At best they were mediocre tight ends. After the amazing career of Rob Gronkowski, it was quite the drop off.

Now it would have been difficult for there not to be a decrease in production from the tight ends seeing that Gronk redefined the position. Filling the hole left by Gronkowski isn’t easy.

So there is no doubt that the New England Patriots are looking for a new tight end. The question is whether it will come from the NFL Draft, free agency, or via a trade.

The 2020 NFL Draft seems to have plenty of prospects but recently some NFL names have become available. One of those guys is Hayden Hurst. No matter the price I think the Patriots should stay away from him.

Hurst had a solid season racking up 30 catches for 349 yards and 2 touchdowns, but that won’t be enough to fix New England’s passing problems.

You also have to question Hurst’s success in 2019 because Lamar Jackson was his quarterback. Going to be Tom Brady would be an upgrade but there is no denying Jackson’s amazing performance in 2019.

I would rather the Patriots acquire someone in the draft or possibly go after Austin Hooper. That would be a much better investment even though it might cost a bit more. Hurst isn’t even the best tight end on the Ravens roster.

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Hurst just isn’t going to make the impact that the New England Patriots need so even though the Baltimore Ravens are shopping him, New England shouldn’t be interested.


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