Boston Celtics will miss Aron Baynes immensely

The Boston Celtics traded away Aron Baynes to the Phoenix Suns and Boston will miss the center a ton. This is going to be one interesting offseason.

Things continue to heat up for the Boston Celtics. It continues to look like we will see a completely different team when the 2019-20 season arrives.

The Celtics made plenty of moves during the NBA Draft. They drafted Romeo Langford, Grant Williams in the 1st round. Hopefully, these guys will grow to be key players for the Celtics.

Boston also made some trades. The Celtics traded Matisse Thybulle to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for the 24th and 33rd overall picks in this year’s draft.

But the move that will have the biggest effect on the Boston Celtics was the team’s trade with the Phoenix Suns. Boston traded Aron Baynes and the 24th overall pick to the Suns and in return are getting a 2020 first round pick.

Now it is great that the Celtics will have another first round pick in next year’s draft. The 2019 draft class was weak anyway so hopefully 2020 will be much deeper.

But losing Aron Baynes is not a small loss. Even though he may not have lit up the stat sheet, Baynes played an important role on this team.

Baynes was a seasoned veteran with championship experience. He knows what it takes to win in the NBA.

After such a tumultuous year the Boston Celtics could have used a presence like Baynes. They are without any veteran leadership now that Al Horford is gone.

Baynes also is a quality defender and was a key part of the Celtics 2nd unit. Boston will have to find a replacement for his spot in the rotation.

Danny Ainge better make some moves because so far things are looking rather shaky for the Boston Celtics. If Ainge doesn’t make a splash in free agency the Celtics will be in big trouble.