New England Patriots: What Phillip Rivers departure means for team

Plenty of teams would want New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on their team. With the departure of Phillip Rivers, the Los Angeles Chargers shot to the top of the list.

The New England Patriots are waiting to see who will be their quarterback dor the 2020 season. Will it be Tom Brady or someone else?

Of course, when you have a quarterback as talented as Brady, there will be plenty of teams that want to sign him.

There has been a ton of speculation. The Las Vegas Raiders have been mentioned to make the move to create buzz around the new team. Also, the Dallas Cowboys have emerged as possible suitors with them appearing to need a replacement for Dak Prescott.

But now I think there is a new favorite. The Los Angeles Chargers have an opening at QB and Tom Brady would be a great replacement.

The Chargers announced that Phillip Rivers would not be returning to the team. Rivers was one of the most important players on the Chargers Roster for more than 10 years. Imagining him play for some other team is almost impossible.

If Tom Brady was to leave the Patriots, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brady went out West. The Chargers have the cap space to give Brady the deal he desires.

Going to LA would also be good for Brady’s brand. The city would be absolutely perfect for the TB12 lifestyle. Imagine how many yoga mats and vibrating spheres he would sell?

Still, as a Patriot fan I am holding out hope that Brady will stay with the New England Patriots. If he left it would be a crippling blow to the franchise.

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But right now it seems like Tom Brady will have many teams going after him. The New England Patriots will have some stiff competition in the race for Tom Brady.

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